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Columbus WFP Walking Boost Shoes for Women - Extra Comfortable Everyday Shoe w/Strap Closure


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  • Rubber sole
  • Extremely Comfortable Shoes: Achieve your daily steps without much discomfort wearing our Walking Boost sneakers! Its unique combination of performance and comfort makes it ideal for traveling and day-to-day wear.
  • For Men, Women, Elderly & More: We offer a wide range of sizes for adults and for those with wide feet. Our elderly women walking shoes are also ideal for those with bunion or sore feet, back, and knees.
  • Great Foot Support & Stabilization: This Columbus WFP pair has a built-in arch support, excellent cushioning, and shock-absorbing materials for natural and relaxed motions.
  • Exclusive WFP Technology: Our Drop Zero technology simulates the natural pressures of walking barefoot, making your movements natural and neutral to improve posture and strengthen muscles. The strap closure also makes it easier to wear!
  • Stylish & Confident Strides: Suitable for custom insoles and for people who suffer from foot pain, click 'Add to Cart' now and experience empowering steps with Walking Boost!


Enjoy More Comfortable Steps for Your Everyday Walks

Tired of finding the right pair that won't give you further pain? Check out these Walking Boost sneakers from Columbus WFP! It's got high performance, superior comfort, and an exclusive technology that will help address your leg or foot concern. What's more, it's got that subtle style you're looking for that will complement your daily outfit. Whether that's casual, sporty, or athleisure, the Walking Boost will keep your look elegant and timeless.


Walking Boost Shoes by Columbus WFP

Experience the unique combination of a running shoe's high performance with a wellness shoe's superior comfort! Our Walking Boost shoes are expertly developed with an exclusive Columbus WFP "Drop Zero" technology that simulates the natural pressures and forces of walking barefoot. This helps keep the body weight low and your movements natural to promote better posture and stronger muscles on your legs and feet.


Made with You in Mind

Our Walking Boost elderly women walking shoes are created with you in mind - those with wide feet and people who suffer from Metatarsalgia, bunion, back pain, knee pain, heel pain, and foot pain - to allow your muscles to heal and breathe even while you're using them for daily activities. The strap closure even makes it easier and quick to wear and take off!


Superior Support, High-Performance, and Style

Aside from its subtle stylishness, these Columbus WFP walking shoes offer excellent support, stabilization, and a great overall performance with its materials and design. It's constructed with a solid and high-quality leather upper and wear-resistance technology that secures your feet. The cushioning, shock-absorbing soles, and memory foam insoles provide lasting comfort for your everyday walks. It even has a built-in arch support that aids in correcting overpronation and to keep your body's natural motions.


For Men, Women, Elderly, and More

Wear our sneakers and enjoy the feeling of walking on sea sand! To improve the wear and performance according to your preference, the Columbus WFP Walking Boost is suitable for custom fit insoles and orthotics. It also comes with memory foam insoles, hygienic insoles, and extra laces for your convenience. With this pair, you can now put more spirit and confidence in your strides!



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