Diadora Men Sneakers Black Color Airbag D3253991 DIADORA 41-46

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Quality shoes from the beloved and classic Italian brand - Diadora. Embossed logo and airbag. New and interesting design with a wink to the favorite models from the nineties and at the same time very trendy and contemporary. A limb made of a fume material, flexible and of high quality that adapts itself to the structure of the foot. Flexible sole, shock-absorbing and resistant to a variety of uses and activities that provide complete confidence in use.

Diadora was founded by Marcello Danieli in 1948 and specialized in professional mountaineering shoes following the growing demand for professional equipment for mountain climbers in the Italian Alps.

Marcello invested a lot of time and effort and developed a product of exceptional quality that gained increasing popularity in the Alps and throughout the Italian market.

The name Diadora comes from the Latin phrase "Dia-Dora" which means brotherhood of success, reciprocity, teamwork and fair and respectful competition. Following the success Diadora also started producing ski equipment, shoes and overalls. In the 1970s, the company began producing the products that became most identified with it: running shoes, sportswear, tennis equipment and more. Yes in the 1970s Diadora began to develop the relationship with celebrities in Italian and world football and sports - which placed it at the forefront of the global, European and American markets.

Naturally Diadora has also started operating in other industries such as cycling, basketball, volleyball, car racing, boxing and has even acquired companies in the field of athletics. Diadora officially sponsors senior football clubs and many national teams. Today, Diadora is considered one of the leading companies in the world in the production of sportswear and shoes and advanced sports equipment.

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  • Quality raw materials. 
  • Contemporary trendy design. 
  • Lightweight and flexible sole - shock-absorbing. 
  • Resistance to various conditions of use. 
  •  .

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