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Vegan comfort slippers Removable pad for women in Lady Comfort 36-42

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A real lady knows what's good for her. It is important for her to show her best, but she also knows that good and correct posture affects the overall look and feel throughout the day. Lady Comfort places special emphasis on agronomic and comfortable design, to ensure ideal support for the foot. Maintaining a feeling of freshness of the whole body, without compromising on fashion. As comfort slippers from Lady Comfort. Top made of high-quality microfiber, removable pad, shock-absorbing sole. Maximum comfort, light sole with advanced technology. Suitable for insoles! Clasp buckle for maximum fit.

Lady Comfort - Comfort with Presence! Lady Comfort specializes in the production of high-quality and advanced shoes from high-quality and innovative raw materials. The brand line is characterized by clean and practical designs, comfort and beauty.
The company has set itself the goal of leading in the field of vegan shoes - quality and quality, and it is at the forefront of this category in Israel.

The Lady Comfort company caters to all age groups and the population and provides a solution for almost every foot structure. The company produces shoes in different widths and heights with unique technology and all in an abundance of designs and colors that combine comfort, quality and fashion.

The company has a large variety of shoes with a special anatomical pad that provides full support to the foot and is characterized by flexibility, softness and the ability to absorb shocks and thus alleviate symptoms such as fatigue and pain.

In light of all this, the company has captured a loyal customer base that enjoys every year. 

  • The upper part is made of high-quality microfiber that evaporates and adapts itself to the structure of the foot 
  • Shock-absorbing sole 
  • Extremely light shoe 
  • Made of excellent raw materials that give it exceptional appearance and comfort 
  • Special color 
  • The shoe stabilizes the foot 
  • The sole absorbs shocks and does not slip 
  • Lady Comfort shoes are manufactured with the utmost care for the quality of the product and the quality of the materials. The shoes have anatomical insoles, for perfect support and distribution of body weight to each foot. 
  • The production process is carried out under strict supervision and is attended by the best experts in the field, to ensure you the best product. 
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